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Doberman Pinscher.

  • In the 1870's, a German Tax collector Louis Dobermann used the Rottweiler, German Pinscher, Weimaraner, the English Greyhound and the Manchester Terrier to develop this breed. This obedient alert and resourceful breed is a companion and a service dog all over the world. Good breeders ensure that it does not develop a shy or vicious behaviour. It weighs 30-40 kgs and is about 65-69 cms. They maybe black and tan, brown & isabella

Labrador Retriever.

  • One of the most popular family companions, the Labrador once used to work on the Newfoundland coast retrieving the cork floats of fishing nets and swimming them ashore so that fishermen could pull in the fish-filled nets. Although a few of this breed suffer from health or temperamental problems the Labrador epitomizes all the ideal features of a Canine member of the human family. It is one of the most loyal and dependable breeds in the world. It is used extensively as a guide dog for the blind. It weighs 25-34 kgs and is about 54-57 cms tall. The colours maybe yellow, brown (chocolate) or black coloured.

German Shepherd Sniffer.

  • The world's most numerous breed has its recent origins in a superb breeding program introduced by Max Von Stephenitz. Until 1915, the long-haired and the wire-haired were exhibited but today only the short-coat is recognised for show purposes. When bred carefully the GSD is an excellent breed, calm, reliable, responsive and obedient. The adult behaviour of the dog depends not only the genes that they have inherited but also in the way they have been treated by their mother and humans and by experiences they acquire. The name 'Alsatian' is often mispelt as 'Alsation' and is actually derived from the name of the place where it originated - "Alsace". It is originally bred to be a sheep dog, it has been used the world over for security, obedience, guarding and companionship. It has even become a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness to its master. It is about 65 cms in height.


  • Originally a slightly larger dog, selectively breeding has reduced its size and increased its popularity. Queen Victoria added some to her kennels and made the breed very popular. It will sometimes bark unchecked and makes an excellent watch-dog. It is also a superb companion but needs to be groomed regularly. The Pom comes is a variety of colours. It weighs about 2-3 kgs and is 22-28 cms tall.

Grooming & Training

Doberman Pinscher.

  • Dogs have always been my great passion. Since the time I was born, I have been surrounded by dogs and they have given me unconditional love. They have given me more than I have ever asked for, and they have done many wonderful things for me and many others without asking for anything in return. I am fully aware of how much dogs can bring to our society, which is why I start the Aryavart kennel club, so that more people can enjoy the love of a dog. Because I believe that, through dogs, we can become better people.
  • We teach people how to communicate with their dog and to enjoy it. Our dog trainers offers obedience initiation training service for puppies, complete efficient training service for adult dogs, and behaviour modification for dogs with behavioural issues.


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Importnace of dog in human society

10 Science-Based Benefits of Having a Dog.

Dogs make us feel less alone.

Dogs can be there for you even when people can’t. They offer unconditional love, emotional support, and constant cuddles that help stave off social isolation. A small Australian study discovered that dog ownership reduces loneliness.

A national survey of pet owners and non-pet owners by the Human Animal Bond Research Institute found that 85 percent of respondents believe that interaction with pets reduces loneliness. Most agree that human-pet interactions can help address social isolation.

Dogs are good for your heart.

Owning a dog can help you live longer. A comprehensive review of studies published between 1950 and 2019 found that dog owners had a lower risk of death. Studies suggest that dog owners have lower blood pressure levels and improved responses to stress.

Even just living with a dog makes a difference—people who had experienced previous coronary events had an even higher level of risk reduction for death. Research has concluded that the bond between humans and dogs reduces stress, which is a major cause of cardiovascular problems.

Dogs help you stop stressing out.

Your canine companion can offer comfort and ease your worries. Multiple studies show that dogs and therapy dogs help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Even just petting a familiar dog lowers blood pressure, heart rate, slows breathing, and relaxes muscle tension. Scientists at Washington State University discovered that just 10 minutes petting a dog can have a significant impact. Study participants had a significant reduction in cortisol, a major stress hormone.

Dogs help us cope with crisis

Dogs help us recover psychologically from a crisis. Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine discovered that military veterans with PTSD do better both physiologically and psychologically when they have a service dog. Veterans with a service dog had significantly fewer symptoms of PTSD and showed improved coping skills.

Dogs encourage you to move.

Those long treks along sidewalks, trails, and paths add up. A 2019 British study discovered that dog owners are nearly four times more likely than non-dog owners to meet daily physical activity guidelines. Dog owners spend nearly 300 minutes every week walking with their dogs. That’s 200 more minutes walking than people without a pup of their own.

Dogs make you more attractive—even virtually.

If you’re looking for a date, it might be time to get a dog. A dog’s presence may make people appear more likeable and attractive.

In a series of studies, men were more likely to get a woman’s phone number when they had a dog with them. In another study, researchers asked individuals to rate people in photographs and found that people looked happier and more relaxed when they appeared with a dog.

A study by Pet Wingman found that men and women swipe right more when they include a profile photo of their pup. Women benefited more than men with dogs in their profiles. (And finding Fido photos on your camera roll shouldn’t be a problem—a study found that 65 percent of dog owners admit to taking more photos of their dog than their significant other.)

Dogs make us more social.

Walking with a canine companion can make us more approachable and give people a conversation starter. Think about how many times you’ve talked with other people, whether they’re your neighbors or new friends at the dog park.

Researchers have found that about 40 percent of dog owners had an easier time making friends. Dogs are the perfect way to get to know strangers and form new friendships.

A study at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University concluded that people who have a strong attachment to a pet feel more connected in their human relationships and their communities.

Dogs are so adorable they make us love them

There’s a reason why puppies are so irresistible: a dog’s facial features possess an “infant schema.” These “social releasers” trigger an innate caregiver response in humans. So the next time you can’t stop watching that dog video, know those big eyes and floppy ears are scientifically appealing.

Dogs make us happier

Just looking at a dog can lift your spirits: a 2009 study in Japan found that staring into your dog’s eyes raises your level of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” Besides the general health benefits of owning a dog, they are natural mood boosters. Those with AIDS are less likely to suffer from depression if they own a pet, according to a 2017 study.

Dogs help seniors with cognitive function and social interaction

Studies exploring the effects of dogs on seniors found positive results. One study found that pet therapy improves the cognitive function of residents with mental illness in long-term care. Another showed significant decreases in agitated behaviors in seniors with dementia and improved social interactions.

A four-footed best friend provides unconditional love and support, which is especially important during tough times. Though people may think we’re taking care of our canine companions, it’s mutual: Dogs take care of us, and science confirms it.

Importance of dog in hindu mythology

Dogs have been referred to as ‘Shvan’ in many Vedic verses and have a deep meaning in Hindu mythology. Right from being worshipped in parts of Sikkim and North Bengal, dogs have been the mounts of fearsome gods like, Kalabhairava. They are also considered protectors of the gates of heaven as well as hell. When it comes to ancient Hindu religious symbolism, dogs have always been associated with different forms of Lord Shiva, the God of desolation and the eternal ascetic. Lord Duttatreya is also associated with four dogs, which symbolize the four Vedas.

Sarama is the female canine, who is referred as mother of all the dogs, and the dog of the Gods who helped Lord Indra retrieve his stolen divine cows. According to some old beliefs, black dogs are also said to be the reincarnation of the fearsome god, Bhairava. Yudhistir, in Mahabharata, requested that the dog that followed them throughout their penance, be given a place in heaven. This dog was Yama who took this form to test the truthfulness of the eldest Pandava, Yudhistir.

Yama, the Hindu god of death has four dogs with four eyes guarding his abode. On many occasions food offerings are made to dogs during ceremonies of death. Dogs are considered a link between the netherworld and beings on Earth. As per astrology, people suffering from the negative effects of planet Rahu and Shani might find some respite when they feed black dogs. Throughout Vedas and Hinduism various animals have played their part either taking the form of the gods or being their vahana or mounts.

There are also some beliefs and superstitions associated with dogs in India amongst Hindus. In India, a few girls who have a strong Mars in their horoscope are married to dogs. As astounding as this may sound, there are still a few people who follow all these superstitions with regard to dogs. For people who believe in omens, it is said that anyone who sees a dog carrying a bone in is his mouth is considered to be a good omen. If your pet dog sneezes while you are going out, it is considered to be a good omen. These are just a few superstitions and beliefs associated with dogs in Hinduism.

In the holy temple of Gandgapur in Maharashtra, where Lord Duttatreya resides, dogs are not restricted from entering and living inside the temple. Dogs are territorial; the allegory that relates to dogs in Hinduism is to defy the territorial behavior with regards to emotions or material. Like dogs, humans too protect their emotional and material boundaries. Understanding this aspect of dogs can throw deep insights into our own behavioral deficiencies. Originally, evolved from wolves, dogs have a DNA similar to that of wolves. However, their significance in Hinduism can never fade away. Tihar is a dog festival celebrated in Nepal during the times of Diwali as a part of thanksgiving to dogs for their loyalty and protection.

It just goes on to show the significance dogs like German Shepherd have had in people’s lives since times immemorial.



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